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VHS Transfers, Hi 8 Transfers, now Available!

Convert (transfer) and duplicate your PAL, SECAM, NTSC, PAL-M and PAL-N video
Do you have VHS tapes that you would like to have converted to DVD?
If so, Songbird Transfrer Serviceis now doing VHS transfers to DVD.
The cost per tape is $20.00 -- 10 or more tapes is reduced to $15 per tape.
Duplicates are $5.00 ea.
 Please note that we will only transfer non-copyrighted media.

  • vhs transfer to dvd,
  • vhs tapes,
  • Hi 8,
  • MiniDV,
  • all media,
  • 8mm,
  • 16mm,
  • reel to reel,
  • vinyl to cd,
  • audio cassettes to cd

VHS to DVD transfers

Looking for the best source to transfer your VHS to DVD, Records or tapes to CD or MP3? - Look no further than Songbird!